Security Doors Direct is a leading supplier of UK manufactured custom made doors each individually designed for the specific requirements of each and every customer. Typically a burglar will gain access to your building via a door therefore it's important to have a secure door capable of withstanding an attack.

We supply a variety of security doors designed at ensuring that it is as difficult as possible for an intruder to gain entry. In an increasingly demanding environment steel security doors are robust and effective at holding back thefts. With our steel doors there are various options available for you to decide on depending on the level of security needed. If necessary we can also supply doors which have been independently tested to either ENV 1627 or LPS 1175.

More frequently these days we are being asked to supply Fire Rated steel doorsets as pressure increases on businesses to do all they can to protect their employees and customers. Our Fire Rated Doors are independently tested and can be provided with a rating of between a minimum of 30mins and a maximum of 4hours.

Finally we can also provide our customers with ventilated doors which can be either punched or have louvres in them to provide effective air flow. Our range of ventilated doors are specifically designed to be suitable for substations, plant rooms and bin stores.

Please take a browse of our site to see the various metal doors we provide and if you have any further queries or require a quotation don't hesitate to call us on 0800 163 258 or send an email to



Security Doors

To protect your possessions and your buildings assets it is imperative that a secure door is in place to stop anyone forcing there way inside. We supply security doors that are designed to make it as hard as possible for those trying to get inside. Depending on the level of security we can supply doors with basic sash lock and deadlock or a multi locking door. Furthermore for high risk situations we supply LPS 1175 or ENV 1627 accredited doors.

Steel Doors

Steel has become the foremost material used for commercial doors as it requires little maintenance and is stronger than using wood. All our steel doors are British manufactured with a large variety of options are available so you can customise your doors specifically for the purpose you will use it for. Depending on how secure you need the opening we provide single, two and three point panic escapes for single doors.

Fire Exit Doors

For all commercial/public buildings today it is essential that that they have fire exit doors installed so that in any emergency it's possible for those trapped inside to escape. Fire exits must be unlocked however for extra security a deadlock can be fitted with a thumbturn so that escape is possible without the use of a key. An external override fitted will also let the door function as a personnel door would.

Glazed Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is a lightweight alternative which allows you significantly to include much more glazing than would be possible in a steel door. Typically these are used for shop fronts or for situations where usage will be high for instance schools and hospitals. Our aluminium glazed doors are a high quality premium product.

Communal Doors

This range is built to the 'secured by design' preferred specification and accredited to PAS 23/24. Our premium doors are perfect for communal accommodation, schools and offices whereby they will be subjected to high use. They can be easily connected to an access control system by connecting it up to the magnetic locks or electric strike.

Louvre Doors

The necessity for doors to provide not just security but to also offer effective air flow is increasingly important. The most cost effective option is to have louvred panels on the door and we can also if necessary provide the doors with a fire rated certification. Alternatively they can be fully louvred or fully punched which will provide more air flow between the internal and external side.

Specialist Doors

Our specialist doors are designed for more specific requirements and offer an alternative to our standard doors. We now have a very large range of which we can supply across the UK from acoustic doors, wood finished doors, stainless steel doors, embossed doors and sports hall doors as well as more.