Benefits of Steel Doors

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Doors are the main way to gain access into and out of buildings, However they have always been a main target for anyone trying to get into a building illegally. Most doors are made out of wood or pvc but they are relatively easy to attack and break through. Doors that open inwards are extremely easy to get through as they can quite easily be forced open by being kicked, charged at or hit with some sort of battering ram.

It is always best to have an outward opening door. Even these can still be attacked, the most common way is to get a crow bar or some other sort of lever, put it between the door and the frame and try to wrench the door open. Often in these cases the frame of the door will split. One way to try and prevent this is to fit a steel plate on the door so that it over hangs the door and covers the gap between the door and the frame.

There have been cases where an angle grinder has been used to cut off the hinges which would cause the door to fall out of the frame. To prevent this happening you could fit dog bolts on the door, these are little bolts which go on the edge of the door on the hinge side and fit into holes you drill in the frame.

Another option to try and prevent your door from attack would be to have a roller shutter fitted on the outside. This might seem like a good solution but there are some problems with this option. Any potential burglar would have as much time as they needed to try and jack the shutter up or wrench it off the wall. Another problem is the box that is at the top of the shutter can be used as a platform for someone to attack any window that may be above the door. You could fit a metal gate to the outside of the opening which the door is in, again though this could be ripped off the wall fairly easily.

The best way to secure any door would be to install a steel door. These consist of a steel door and a steel frame so they are much stronger and more secure than conventional doors. They can be custom made to your individual sizes and specifications and can be made from different thicknesses of steel.

There are several different types of steel door that are available, communal entrance doors, fire exit doors, louvre doors etc. The steel doors come manufactured with an anti crowbar strip dog bolts as standard. Steel doors can be fitted with the same furniture as other doors such as letter boxes, spy viewers, vision panels, lever handles, door knobs etc.

Steel doors are usually supplied in a primer finish ready for painting on site or available in a variety of other powder coated coloured finishes so you should be able to get quite a good match to any other colour you have on a building. Some steel doors can even be manufactured with decorative trim, wood finishes and patterns on them, which make them look more pleasing to the eye. These doors would be good if you wanted a steel door on a domestic property.

Many different locking systems are available; these include multi locking systems, magnetic locks, dead locks, push pad, panic bars and many more. Some optional extras for the doors include door closers, door selectors and limit stays. Side panels and top panels are also available; these can be just a solid or glazed panel. Steel doors are extremely strong and when installed correctly they can be extremely hard and difficult to get through.

They also work well as a visual deterrent because anyone that is thinking of trying to break into a building through the door would see the steel door and probably not even bother trying to attack it. Any potential burglar would much rather attack a wooden or pvc door than a steel one. Even if someone did decide to launch an attack at the door, they can stand up to a tremendous amount of pressure and punishment.

So overall, steel doors offer many advantages over traditional wooden or plastic doors, they are much stronger and a lot more secure. Also with modern steel doors they look good to. So if you want a solid, secure door that doesn't look too ugly then steel doors are the option for you.