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Security Doors

As the recession lingers there is pressure to reduce costs in all areas of business including security, making savings on security can be a false economy because if security is required in the good times it is likely to be needed even more when the going gets tough.

Crime is guaranteed to increase as more people are tempted to try and maintain their standard of living by turning to burglary and other crimes, the first evidence is already appearing as retailers are reporting a big increase in stock losses through shop lifting.

There is a perception that as long as you are insured you are covered and it is only necessary to take sufficient security measures required by the insurance companies to be fully covered, Not true, insurance will not cover the inevitable disruption that is caused to the business by having to contend with a burglary, also the insurer will only pay out if you suffer a loss after taking reasonable precautions.

It is important to have a well thought out reliable security system consisting of a combination of physical grilles, shutters and security doors backed up electronic alarms and cameras, this has got to be a number one priority in these difficult times to protect, premises, staff and customers and ensure the insurance company continues to offer support at reasonable cost.