Basic Home Security Measures

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Don’t be tempted by sophisticated systems

There is a great temptation when looking to secure a home to buy the latest all singing and dancing security alarm, camera system or other electronic security gismo, for most homes this is totally unnecessary as well as a waste of money that would be better spent elsewhere.

Assessing the Risk

Most property security is down to common sense and the place to start is to look at the property from the outside trying to see it from the burglars point of view, some homes are more vulnerable than others.

Some Low Risk Factors are :-is it in a quiet residential area with nosey neighbours? Is it in a cul-de-sac with only one way in and out? are many of the neighbours at home during the day? If yes to these questions the property is probable not that vulnerable to burglary.

High risk, is it on a busy road where there is lots of noise? Is it a corner house? Is there easy access and escape around the back? is it shielded by high hedges and fences? are there flat roofs for easy access to first floor windows?

These are not a comprehensive list of the factors to consider however as can be seen most are common sense factors and you don’t need to be a member of the security industry to make an assessment.

Low and No Cost Measures.

Remove anything that Burglars can hide behind, such as high hedges, fences and gates, many people are under the misapprehension that concealing the property is adding to the security when in fact it is having the opposite effect and making a burglary more likely, an open property with clear views of sight to windows and doors is a major deterrent.

Start a neighbourhood watch scheme either in an organized way or simply by being a good citizen and keeping an eye open for your neighbours property and reporting suspicious activity in the area.

Fit flood lights to light up dark areas of the property, to be effective they need to be switched on all the time when it is dark rather than on a sensor, they also need to be located high up on the property otherwise the criminals will simply extinguish the lights by smashing the bulbs

Plant prickly leaved plants under vulnerable ground floor windows, and consider investing in a pet dog.

Lock up ladders, bins or anything else that could be used to help climb into first floor windows, don’t leave loose bricks or tools outside that can be used to assist force entry, wooden sheds cannot be secured successfully so if possible do not leave items of value in them and certainly not tools that can be used to enter the property.

Always make full use of the security you have already got by locking windows and doors and setting the alarm before leaving the property empty, when away make the property appear to be occupied with timed lights going on and off, something to make a noise like a radio and leaving a vehicle in the drive, if you are away for an extended period get somebody to visit every few days to remove the mail and the free newspapers from the letter box.