Benefits of Metal Doors

Quality British Made
Security Doors

Security is becoming more vital in today's society. Installing a metal door is an excellent way to improve security to a property, whether it is your home, office, factory, shop or any other building you wish to secure. As well making the building physically secure they also work as a visual deterrent, the majority of potential burglars would not even attempt to try and break through a metal door. This is because it would take too long and would be too noisy, which would increase the risk of them being disturbed or caught. A metal door is strongest when it opens outwards this is because it can be fitted with an anti-jemmy strip to protect the frame and the lock.

One of the problems with some metal doors made of steel is that of corrosion, however many doors are now supplied with a steel with an anti corrosion coating, when this is painted with a modern paint system that overcomes the problem to a great extent, there are now some very long life paint systems on the market that will guarantee metal doors made of steel against corrosion for 10 years or more even in a harsh environment such as closer to the sea.

Modern metal doors are manufacture in factories using the latest computerised machines that means that the doors are a precision made product, well engineered that is going to have a long life in the toughest of environments.

There is a great deal of competition in this market making that results in most metal doors being very competitively priced, added to a large number of UK manufacturers there are also metal doors being imported from the Far East as well as many Continental Countries.

Metal Doors whether made of Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel are the doors of the future, having many advantages over doors made of other materials, whether they are of wood, plastic or some composite material.

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