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Our Demon Steel Doors are often fitted onto Bin Stores for commercial properties or shared accommodation. Depending on the application we can customise our doors to suit each individual location.

If ventilation is required we have a range of options to consider. From fully louvered for maximum air flow, to Punched Louvre Slots and doors fitted with louvre panels. We can also provide fully louvered panels in a four sided frame which can be installed to the side /above door or simply on their own. An anti-insect mesh option is also available to keep out flies and other annoying or potentially destructive pests.

All options are manufactured in the UK and are carefully sourced so offer the very best in both value and quality. Steel provides a far a stronger, more durable and in the long term more cost effective alternative to wooden bin doors.

In terms of locks, we typically fit the doors with a deadlock and euro cylinder. However various alternative mechanical locks are available such as Fire Brigade Locks or Code Locks. We can also provide our Bin Store Doors with an Electric Strike or Mag Locks so they can be wired into an access control system.

If you're interested in Demon Bin Store Doors for your application please get in touch with us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to

Bin Store Doors
Bin Store Doors


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