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When looking for a communal door the priorities are appearance, durability and most importantly security to protect those inside. Steel doors are the most suitable material for these as they provide all of these desired benefits.

We have a choice of three options for communal doors that have been designed specifically for this purpose. All products carry certification to PAS 24 dependent on the selected specification which also ensures they are 'Secured by Design' compliant.

The Classic 2 is our latest door to be launched in 2014 and has proven to be a popular product among customers as it offers fantastic quality at a very reasonable price compared to its equivalents on the market.

At the very premium end of the scale slimline doors as the name suggests are manufactured with slim frames that match thickness of leaf, making for a sleek design. Also available as fully glazed they offer the most light to an entrance importantly.

Finally Demon Communal range, are a similar design to our standard doors which have been tweaked so as to be suitable for communal entrances. Key advantage of this is you can match the rest of your standard doors with a Demon Communal door without it looking like the one out as a cost effective package.


Classic 2 Communal

The Classic 2 has been specifically engineered to cater for the increasing communal door market. It's the most recent door to be added to the comprehensive Security Doors ...

Slimline Steel

The slimline range provides the elegant solution to your security needs. This is a premium product which allows natural light to invigorate an opening and offers the perfe...

Demon Communal

Our Demon Communal doors are manufactured in the UK using the most modern factories, engineered to have a guaranteed long life even under heavy communal use; all our doors...