Steel Door Maintenance

Quality British Made
Security Doors


Ensure there is no visible wear on the hinge. Any marks, stains around the hinge knuckle may indicate wear and or impending failure, if the latter the hinge must be replaced as soon as possible. Hinges should be lubricated every three months using a high quality lubricant.

Door Closure's/ Friction Stays

Ensure that the door closure is working correctly, a smooth motion should be seen with no jerking or shuddering. Doors should not be wedged open for long periods. Open the door and check that is closes smoothly without catching on the floor. Open the door approximately 5 degrees and check that it closes and latches smoothly and firmly. The door closing speed should be about 10 seconds from a 90 degree angle but does not slam. To correct remove face plate of door closure and using a screwdriver adjust the pressure screws until a reasonable closing speed is achieved

Friction Stays

Should always be tensioned when being fitted to the door set. Location and climate must be taken into account when adjusting the resistance level of the friction stay. .

Electro-Magnet Hold Open and Swing Free Devices

Make sure that any electro-magnetic hold-open device is operating correctly and releases immediately when power is turned off.

Locks, Lever Handles and Cylinders

Check that the levers fully return to the horizontal after use and that the latch bolt is engaging smoothly and completely into the strike. Clean off any metal dust deposits from the latch bolt and strike plate. Check cylinder throws the latch/deadbolt smoothly into the receiver. Adjust, tighten or lubricate as needed.

All Ironmongery

Make sure that all fixings are secure. Ensure all hinges, closers, friction stays, locks and other hardware are lubricated /maintained at the required intervals. Seal MUST BE FITTED correctly to the door frame. Tolerances are calibrated for OUR seals only, do not use any other manufacturer's product.

Quarterly Maintenance Guide

Hinges and ALL working parts must be lubricated with LANOLIN solution. Check Door and frame for damage
Check the door leaf alignment. Making sure door does not scrape on the floor and has an optimum clearance of 6mm.
Check locks, cylinders, latches, handles, panic hardware, closure, friction stays and any other ironmongery for loose fixings, smooth operation and security, Retighten/lubricate/adjust as needed.
Cylinder should only be lubricated with either TEFLON OR GRAPHITE based oils.


General maintenance

To ensure safe, reliable operation regular maintenance is essential. Maintenance frequency will depend on door usage.

  Door cycles per day Maintenance periods

Up to 15
Up to 30
Up to 40
Up to 50
Over 50

Every Six months
Every Four Months
Every Two Months
Every Five Weeks
Every two weeks

Pre finished doors are easily cleaned using mild household detergents or washing up liquid with warm water


use any chemicals, solvents, bleach or abrasive type cleaners which will affect the paint finish.