Fitting Tips for Steel Doors

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Security Doors
  • Before removing the existing door and frame, and taking the packaging off the new door, measure the width and height of the new door and check that it will fit where the existing door is.

  • Try to take the old door out carefully so you don’t damage the block work where the new door will be fixed. It is best to unscrew the screws which are holding it in place (if possible) rather than just wrenching it out.

  • When removing the existing door and frame be aware if any glass that may be in or above the door.

  • Once you have taken the old door off its hinges, take out the screws holding the frame in. If this is not possible knock a crow bar behind one side of the frame and lever that side out (it should break off from the top of the). Cut the opposite side with a saw (about half way up) take the bottom piece out first, then gently ease the top piece down and out.

  • When installing the new door put the door and frame in to the opening, open the door, get the frame square and rest the door in that position.

  • Insert the adjusters in to each side of the frame (1 top & bottom) this will help to hold it in place. Double check the frame is in square, tighten the adjusters to the wall, drill and fix through the adjusters.

  • With the frame fixed in tight, close the door to make sure it shuts, if it doesn’t, loosen the screws and adjust the frame as necessary. When the door shuts and latches properly tighten up the screws again.

  • If you are getting good solid fixings then four in each side will be enough.

Tools Required:-

Hammer drill
Battery drill
Wood saw
Spirit level
Extension cable
Basic tool kit
Stanley Knife
Lump Hammer