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Steel doors are the best way of securing a doorway against attack and any attempted break in. There are several different types of steel door available on the market, each one with its own purpose. There are Steel Entry/Security Doors Doors, Fire Exit Doors, Fire Rated Doors, Communal Entrance Doors and Substation/Ventilated Doors. Each one of these doors can be manufactured to your individual requirements.

Steel entry doors are often installed on commercial premises for people enter and exit the building. These doors can be fitted with much of the same furniture that you would find on a conventional wooden or PVC door, such as letter box, vision panels, spy viewer etc. There are also steel doors that are finished with a wood effect so they would not look out of place on your home.

Fire exit doors again are usually found on commercial properties. These can be double or single leaf doors. Single doors will be made with a single point panic bar and double doors with a three point panic bar. Fire exit doors must be kept unlocked when the building is manned, so that in the event of an emergency a person can just push the bar and exit the building as quickly as possible.

Steel Fire Rated Doors are doors that have been tested and proven to withstand fire for a period of time. This can be anything from thirty (30) minutes up to six (6) hours, depending on the make and model of the door which you choose. The Fire Rated Doors can be manufactured with vision panels in, however this may affect the amount of time which the door can withstand the fire. These doors will also have fire rated door closers and fire rated weather strip as standard.

The communal entrance doors are designed for heavy use and to stand up against a heavy attack. These are best suited to public buildings such as communal accommodation, schools, libraries, hospitals etc. The communal entrance doors are usually manufactured with heavy duty door closers, which are fitted internally in the door to prevent them being attacked. They also have an anti jemmy strip to prevent a crowbar or some other levering device being used to try and lever the doors open. They will more than likely come with a piano style hinge that runs from the top to the bottom of the door. These Doors also come fitted with electro magnetic locks so when the door is closed it cannot be pulled open; these are usually triggered by some sort of key or fob. This means you are able to control who gains access to the building.

Steel substation/ventilated doors are designed to allow adequate air flow into the building while still providing a high level of security. These doors would be best suited for boiler houses, plant rooms, bin stores and substations. So if the building was in a remote area these doors would be suitable. An added option for these doors is to have a removable top sill and top or side panel; this would be useful if you have to transport large machinery through the doors.

Each of these doors can be manufactured to your individual sizes and requirements. Top and side panels are available if needed and different types of threshold can be fitted on the doors depending on the environment which the door will be in and the type of use the door will get.

This shows that you are able to get a steel door that is suitable for any situation whether it be on domestic or commercial property. So steel doors are by far the best option, they will fulfil all your requirements whether it be access, fire exit, communal and still provide you with a high level of security.