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Glasgow represents the biggest city north of the border and is the engine of the Scottish economy. With a population of nearly 600,000 it is one of the biggest cities in the UK.

As the largest city in Scotland it's no surprise that Glasgow also suffers with its fair share of crime. We specialise in the supply of bespoke steel security and fire doors which will help businesses become more secure. In many cases burglars will gain entry through a timber door which is vulnerable to attack.

Brief History

In the past it was a key driver in the industrial revolution in Scotland and home to one of the world's largest shipping ports. Today however the city has transformed itself to be a service based economy.

A few years ago the city won a £24million investment from the UK government. This would make it one of the first 'Smart Cities' in the UK. The idea being that services will run more smoothly/efficiently with various apps and technology.

2014 was also a significant year for the city as it hosted the Commonwealth games for the first time. Glasgow was successfully given a global stage to introduce itself to much of the world as a vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting city.

The Future

Often a good sign of a city which is doing particularly well will be the sight of cranes on the skyline and if you visit Glasgow that's exactly what you'll see. With all the recent development it comes as little surprise that the city has been a key market for Steel Doors.

With investment in business, infrastructure and property continuing to thrive, the future looks healthy.

Our Products & Services

We supply a wide range of steel doors North of the Border, all of which have been designed & manufacture in the UK. As each door is custom made if you have a particular type of hardware in mind we can normally incorporate these without too much of a problem.

Recently we've witnessed an increase in demand for tested products which are certified with a fire rating or LPS 1175. Due to the nature of the testing you are more limited with these doors as to not invalidate the certification.

Currently we have vans which travel to Scotland on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After placement of the order we will send a delivery date through via email so you can prepare for their arrival.

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