Glazed Aluminium Doors

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Security Doors

If you want security doors that appear less industrial our range of glazed aluminium doors will offer an ideal alternative to steel doors. A major advantage of aluminium doors is that you can incorporate far more glazing in than possible using steel.

This range of doors are particularly suitable where it will be subject to a high amount of traffic so therefore a large amount of glazing is necessary to check easily that there's no one on the other side of the door. The most common applications are shop fronts, hospitals and offices.


Standard Glazed

Aluminium doors are a lightweight alternative to that of steel doors which we have recently introduced to our product portfolio. Aluminium is increasingly popular with pri...

LPS 1175 Aluminium

The Aluminium doors come with an Adams Rite Sentinel 6 lock which makes them compatible to a LPS1175 standard ensuring that the doors offer an equivalent level of securi...

Shop Front

Aluminium is the ideal material for shop front doors as it is lightweight but also very strong. Unlike steel doors where you are limited to the amount of glazing you can h...