Home Burglary the Facts

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All the statistics indicate that there has been a steady reduction in the burglary of homes in the last few years, between 1995 & 2007 there has been a 59% of reported burglary’s to homes.

Falling Burglary Rate Why?

There are many reasons that are thought to be contributing towards the fall, organizations such as the Police, Local Authorities and Community organizations would claim that their initiatives are responsible for the fall, the reality is more likely a loss of interest by the thieves in this type of Crime.

Burglary no longer Pays.

Burglary does not pay as well as it did and for many criminals there are richer pickings elsewhere, this has been because of the greater availability and lower cost of hi-tech goods which rapidly loose there re-saleable street value, also people are keeping less cash in their homes using other forms of payment such as credit and debit cards.

Homes are more secure than in the past.

Homes are much more secure than in the past with the majority fitted with more secure windows and doors, Electronic security measures such as Alarms and Cameras have become widespread as the cost has reduced in recent years and it now possible to purchase adequate systems from the local DIY shed.

Some Homes are more at risk than others.

22.5% of homes that are burgled are ones where there are no security measures in place, the groups of people most at risk are Students, young people in the 16-24 year age group, followed by the unemployed and single parent families.

The homes least at risk are those in a rural location that are detached, residents that have lived in the same property for more than 10 years.

The Future Burglary on the increase.

As the economic recession starts to take hold, with unemployment continuing to increase along with short time working and reduced incomes as well as the effect of increased taxation to pay for the countries huge deficit, it is inevitable that more of the population are going to be looking for ways to maintain their standard of living, many are going to be tempted to turn to crime.

As general property crime increases it makes sense for home owners to look at ways to protect their Homes from theft.