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Security measures can be likened to an onion with different layers, starting from the outside working in, all burglary is limited by time, if the criminal considers that your property will take too long to gain access he will go elsewhere, there are plenty of other easy targets for him to attack.

Perimeter security appears to be the best way to keep intruders away from your property ‘the outer layer of the onion’ however for most homes it is impractical in reality because most domestic fences and gates are easily breached and are more for show than a serious security deterrent, effective perimeter security such as palisade fencing is industrial in appearance and unsuitable for domestic applications.

Doors :- one third of burglaries take place by forced entry through doors so this is the first place to make more secure, burglars hardly ever pick the lock so spending money on expensive locks is unnecessary, they usually force the door open with a lever or crow bar or kick it to open, with a wooden door it is usually the frame that breaks on plastic doors most can usually be prised open, double glazing companies make claims over the high level security their doors offer with steel re-enforcement and multi locking, the reality is that many do not offer more security than properly re-enforced wooden door.

Wooden Doors:- the weakest part of most wooden doors is the frame, if attacked it is usually the frame that splinters at the weakest point and that is where the lock is fitted, by making the door outward opening it will make the door more secure because if it is kicked the frame is more likely to hold and an outward opening door is more difficult to lever the it open.

Measures that can be taken to strengthen an existing door by re-enforcement to the frame with steel angle, add more locks and bolts to try and even out the point of stress if the door is forced, add extra hinges with hinge pins or dog bolts. Outward opening doors only can be made more secure by adding an external steel plate, this must overlap the opening side of the door leaf to protect the frame and lock and be fixed with dome headed coach bolts bolted through the door from the outside so it can not be wrenched off.

Plastic Doors :- the weakest part of most plastic doors is the locks and glazing, unfortunately it is not possible to effectively add security to this type of door and it may be necessary to add a grille or shutter if a higher level of security is required.

Steel Doors:- for ultimately security steel or composite doors are the solution and are increasing being fitted to homes especially in high risk location, customers need to be aware that many cheap light weight steel doors are being imported, it is important to who is making the doors and what specification the door and locks are being manufactured too.

Patio Doors & French Doors:- are well know as a well know point of easy entry, much has been done to improve their design over resent years and most no longer can be lifted off their runners as in the past, various add on locks and other devices are available to make the old style doors more secure, ultimately the only way to add security to Patio or French doors is to fit a security grille or shutter to the inside.

Windows:- A third of burglars entry into homes is through a window, it is important that all opening windows are fitted with a good quality lock, wooden windows need to be maintained for integrity and strength not weakened by rotten wood.

New windows need to comply to BS 7950, ‘windows of Enhanced Security’ older double glazed plastic windows are often glazed with the beading on the outside, this needs to be made as secure as possible with clips and silicone so the glass cannot be easily removed.

For higher risk situations grilles and shutters are available, it is important they are fitted on the inside to maximize there effectiveness

Alarms are a very cost effective deterrent ,they will not stop a burglary entering you home however once triggered will reduce the amount of time they spend in your property, although it is well known that most alarm activations are ignored by the neighbours and passers by, it does put pressure on the burglars because somebody may respond.

What alarm system to buy? the market is flooded with sophisticated alarm systems however for most homes a simple bells only system is all that is required, this is a very competitive market so the relative cost should be low and effective systems can now be purchased for DIY fitting, it is important to fit a sensor in each vulnerable room, including toilets and bathrooms.

Monitored alarm systems are much more expensive and are really not required for most homes, there are far more effective ways to spend money on security.

Cameras:- seem to be everywhere the industry and some authorities have done a good job selling them as a must have security measure, however for protection against burglary they have a very limited role, most domestic camera systems are not even going deter a burglar and you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that there are many ways for the intruder to circumvent them, the more expensive ones are going to a theft target in themselves, so for burglary security do not invest much money in them there are much more effective security measures that can be taken.