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Reported burglary in the UK has been in decline in the UK for over 10 years according to the statistics produced by the Police and the Insurance Industry, it is thought that this has been mainly due to the increase of Home Alarm systems and the reduced market value of many household goods such as computers and televisions making burglary more risky and less profitable for the thieves, also there has been increasing number of initiatives by the Police, Local Authorities as well as Community groups.

The crime capital of the country is not one of the big cities as you would expect but a smaller regional city Nottingham in the East Midlands, the top ten for both worst and best places to have a home in terms of chance of burglary are as follows, it has to be remembered that there are crime ‘Hot Spots’ within location, so you could live in Nottingham in a very low risk location.

Cities where you are most likely to be burgled with percentage above national average:-

1. Nottingham +63%

2. London +51%

3. Bristol +51%

4. Stockport +50%

5. Leeds +46%

6. Manchester +46%

7. Hull + 39%

8. Cambridge + 35%

9. Sheffield +28%

10. Reading +26%

Cities with the lowest level of reported burglaries with percentage below National average:-

1. Guildford –82%

2. Dundee –55%

3. Norwich –54%

4. Swindon –49%

5. Bath –46%

6. Aberdeen –46%

7. Preston –36%

8. Exeter–35%

9. Chester –34%

10. Belfast –34%

The Crime Survey Statistics show that between 1995 and 2007 domestic burglary dropped by 59%, Police figures indicate that their has been 284,445 reported burglaries in the 08/09 financial year.

Nottingham the City with the dubious winner of the worst burglary and crime capital in the country with a burglary rate of 53 incidents per 1000 residents, it has also been tarnished for it’s reputation for violent crime and shootings, for comparison the best locations achieved less than 1.68 burglaries per 1000 residents.

The Government has recently announced that it has allocated £5 million for improving home security where more that 45000 homes will benefit from having their security improved with new window and door locks through the Safer Homes Fund, it will mainly benefit older people and those on low incomes.

Operation Vigilance has also been launched to allow the Police to target potential offenders including burglars also the Drug Intervention Program targeting the connection with drug taking and burglary.

It has been identified that many burglaries are carried out by drug addicts that turn to theft and burglary to fund their habit