LPS 1175 Level 1 Doors

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LPS 1175 Level 1 Doors

Strictly available as outward opening the Level 1 doors are very similar in specification to our standard Demon Steel Door. Extra strength is provided through an internal chassis system which gives extra strength and rigidity.

The benefits over our standard steel doors are that these have been independently tested to LPS 1175 SR1. The standard being particularly popular with insurers and architects.

With a dedicated delivery service we can supply across the UK. We also provide an installation service across much of England & Wales.


A variety of options whereby these can be installed to businesses, factories, schools and hospitals however they have not been as yet tested with glazing.

Lead Time

Normally SR1 Doors can be turned around within 10-12 working days including delivery.

Brief Specification


Manufactured from 1.2mm folded zintec steel. 45mm thick with a composite dufaylite core. Provided with a minimum of 3 17mm solid steel dog bolts per leaf.


Single rebate 90mm profiles, manufactured from 1.6mm zintec steel. Available with a fast fit frame to save fitting time. Fitted with minimum of 4 stainless steel hinges.


Variety of personnel locks to choose from.

Fire Rating

Available with a fire rating of up to 240mins if required.


Provided as Standard with a powder coated coloured finish.



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