LPS 1175 Level 4 Doors

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LPS 1175 Level 4 Doors


An LPS 1175 SR4 door provides the very best protection against forced entry through an entrance. They are our most secure product and are yet to be breached successfully. The Product has been tested to resist an attack for an attack for a minimum of 10 minutes using a variety of tools including high powered cordless tools, felling axe, power drill, sledgehammer, disc grinder, jigsaw etc.

Each door will be thoroughly checked before dispatch by our quality control. This helps ensure quality and prevent standards falling below those of the LPCB or Secured by Design.

They are available as either fire exits or personnel's and can be fitted with glazing if required.

We supply across the UK with a dedicated delivery service. We also offer a further installation service across England Wales if required.


These doors have been designed with high risk applications in mind so they'll normally be fitted to MoD sites or high value commercial properties.

Lead Time

Due to the extra engineering involved with these it takes 4-6 weeks to get them manufactured and delivered to site from placing the order.

Brief Specification


66mm thick, manufactured from 1.5mm corrosion resistant zintec steel. Fitted with an anti-crow bar strip.


110mm rebated frame, manufactured from 2.0mm zintec steel. Fitted with 9 hooked solid dog bolts per leaf.


Range of locks from deadlocks, sash locks and panic escape hardware.

Fire Rating

Can be 240mins fire rated (glazing will reduce to 60mins)


Bladed Louvre cartridges can be fitted in the leaf.



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