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Once the world's first truly industrialised city, the modern Manchester of today is a diverse and dynamic economy. The city embodies the culture and growing optimism of the North West as financial sectors, tourism, retail and notable sports teams thrive.

Crime however remains a persistent problem for greater Manchester suggesting that it still suffers with major issues. In fact according to a report carried out by 'Mancunian matters' the region has the third highest crime rate in England and Wales with reported cases of robbery particularly high.

What we do?

At Security Doors Direct we are committed to reducing crime levels by supplying high quality steel doors for your given project. It is likely that a burglar will pass your building on if they cannot quickly break in as they want to escape as quickly as possible. A steel security door will require an extended effort and likely cause a good deal of noise exactly what a burglar will not want.

British Manufactured

Today's market is awash with cheaper imports of steel doors from Eastern Europe and Asia which typically will be of substantially lower quality. As we're committed to offering our customers high quality products at a fair price we've consciously positioned ourselves away from the lower end of the market.

All the doors we supply have been designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK. We are confident that with one of the widest ranges of steel doors, we can more than cater to the most demanding customer.

Within the range we have doors which have been independently tested & certified to LPS 1175, ENV 1627 or PAS 24. Furthermore they can come supplied with a fire rating or even Kitemark just in case you're in an area vulnerable to flooding.


Although most of our operations in Manchester are on a supply only basis we do also provide an installation service to those customers who require it. Having been installing steel doors for the past twenty years we have a vast amount of experience you can be guaranteed of an expert and professional service. Our recent clients have included companies such as Cadbury and Rolls Royce so you can be confident we'll make it a smooth process.

Getting in touch?

If you have an enquiry in Manchester please contact us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to

We can send you a free no obligation quotation which will detail the specification etc or simply offer some helpful advice.