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Stainless Steel Doors

Demon Stainless Steel Doors provide both visual and corrosion resistant benefits which will be often favoured by architects. Unfortunately they are dearer than that of our standard zintec or Magnelis steel doors.

Our standard grade of 304 stainless steel which are ideal for medium corrosion resistant areas. However if the location will be highly corrosive such as in a marine or chemical environment we can upgrade to a 316 stainless steel material at an extra cost.

With a dedicated delivery service we can supply across the UK. We also provide an installation service across much of England & Wales.


They can be installed in a variety of applications however normally they are installed in restaurants / food factories where hygiene is of particular importance. Other locations can include coastal areas whereby the risk of corrosion is high.

Lead Time

Normally as their specialist Stainless Steel Doorsets take approximately 5-6 weeks to manufacture and get delivered to site.

Brief Specification


Manufactured from 1.2mm folded stainless steel sheets. 48mm thick with a composite dufaylite core as standard. Provided with a minimum of 3 17mm solid steel dog bolts per leaf.


Single rebate 90mm profiles, manufactured from 1.6mm zintec steel. Available with a fast fit frame to save fitting time. Fitted with minimum of 4 stainless steel hinges.


Variety of personnel locks to choose from.

Fire Rating

Available with a fire rating.


Available with a fire rating.Stainless steel, brushed, polished or patterned.



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