Steel Security Door Environment

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At Security Doors Direct we take our responsibility to minimising our impact on the environment very seriously some of the measures we are taking are described as follows.

Sales and Administration

Our policy is not to employ a field sales team with all the costs and environmental impact associated with them, use of fuel in vehicles and the pollution they create, with modern communications our advisers are able to help customers without having to visit the site.


We only supply doors manufactured in the UK, to us it does not make environmental sense to import steel doors from abroad, many of our competitors are importing doors from China we can only guess at the carbon foot print these doors are producing compared with the local manufactured products.

All the manufactures we work with are committed to operating in the most efficient possible way, not only to reduce their environmental impact but also to reduce costs as much as possible.


Wherever possible transportation costs are minimised by combining loads and reducing journey times, where we can we use dedicated vehicles rather than third party carriers so that we can control the environmental impact of the vehicles as well as give our customers a better service.

Reducing Waste

All our doors are custom made reducing potential waste by producing doors that will never be required as well as reducing the cost by carrying inventory, most of the packaging is recyclable and we reduce wasted journeys by making sure the customer is fully aware of when they will receive their delivery.

All our office waste is recycled and we are moving to replace all our computers with laptops to reduce electricity use as well as reducing the need for air conditioning.