Steel Security Doors

Quality British Made
Security Doors

Steel Security Doors manufacturing has come a long from when sheets of steel were welded together in a back street workshop, doors then were more a of a crudely manufactured black smith type product, made by hand and relatively expensive to buy.

These days most Steel Security doors are manufactured in high tech factories on machines controlled by computers, the finished product is much lighter and better finished and offer a much higher level of security, they are also substantially cheaper and because they are rust proofed they will not corrode and offer a very long life.

Today steel security doors are increasingly replacing their wooden or aluminium alternatives, not only are steel doors more robust they do not rot and deteriorate in the same way offering a much longer life.

Steel security doors vary considerably in quality, many of the cheaper steel doors are being imported from abroad mainly China, although on the surface they offer good value are often inferior to doors manufactured in the UK, as with most purchases you get what you pay for.

For higher security applications independently tested steel security doors are available, the main recognised standard is by the Loss Prevention Council (LPS) the doors are rated, with a number 1 as the lowest level with higher numbers indicating a higher level of security where the doors have been put through a more onerous test.

The future is assured for Steel Security Doors as improved manufacturing methods are developed and doors are manufacture with special finishes to give them a wood appearance, embossed panels, glazed panel and other improvements yet to be invented.