What Premises Do Burglars

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Burglars will often want to pick premises which they feel will be easy to gain access to, or where there is minimal chance of them being disturbed. This is why buildings in remote areas or with little or no security are often targeted. If your property backs on to open fields, wasteland etc, it may be an easy opportunity for a burglar. They would be able to attack your premises with very little chance of being spotted by anyone. Buildings with little or no security are a big favourite of burglars. Nearly every house in Britain has at least one computer in it. These along with televisions, DVD players and other electrical goods are what often get stolen by burglars. Offices, schools and commercial premises are full of computers and over head projectors which are the main targets of burglars. They are easy to carry and can be sold on easily.

There are numerous ways to try and protect your property, whether it is domestic or commercial. The starting point would be to put up some sort of fencing and gate system around the perimeter. It could be anything from a simple wooden fence with a gate up to a solid brick wall with an automated gate and entry system, and anything in between. Next you could think about having security lights and cctv cameras installed. These are good visual deterrents as well as monitoring who is coming to and going from your property. The next step would be to install physical security equipment. Examples of these are steel security doors, concertina grilles, steel burglar bars and roller shutters. Not only do these provide physical security they are also an excellent visual deterrent. The majority of burglars would see these and not even attempt to attack these to gain access to your premises.

When installed correctly Steel doors are extremely difficult to break through, most would be burglars would not even bother trying. They can be fitted with vision panels, spy viewers, letter boxes and other furniture that you would find on an average door.

Concertina grilles can be fitted to the inside or the outside of a door, window or any other opening. They are most effective when fitted on the inside. This is because any potential burglar would have to break through the window or door before being able to attack the grille. If you have a burglar alarm fitted and the sensor is pointing towards the window or door it will set the alarm off once the window or door is attacked, this will hopefully cause the burglar panic and it will also give them less time to attack the grille.

Steel Burglar bars are not the prettiest of things to look at however they are the strongest form of physical security. They are made of solid steel and are extremely difficult to break through. Bars are often fitted in commercial properties if the toilet or kitchen area has a window in it.Roller shutters again can be fitted internally or externally. If fitted externally they act as a shield to prevent the actual windows or doors being attacked. However the shutter is then vulnerable to attack.